Monday, July 2, 2012

Around Here in June

June was a pretty busy month for us. Lots going on and crazy work schedules between us. There are a few things that always seem to make the weeks not as crazy. Since Berkeley has been working 60 hours a week instead of 40, we have been trying to embrace as much time together as possible. It really is the little things that make this life bearable. 

The sun has shifted and every morning it shines right through the front room window starting at 5:30. The increased sunshine has been keeping me up like an insomniac. It has been hard for me to sleep when it is light outside but that results in lots of time for us in the morning and getting other stuff done.

We were blessed to attend the graduation of an extraordinary young women. She is such a trooper and graduated top of her program. I have never been so proud to know someone. We were on the short list of invitees and just receiving the invitation was such an honor.

Lots of crafting. Made an awesome wreath just out of yarn and the wreath form. I love creating!

A nice dinner out at Brix. We were treated to such an outstanding dinner. It is refreshing to be waited on so.

Fun nights downtown. Since Sunday is our Friday, we can stroll downtown without too much crowding. It is moderately quite and always fun. The signs are always bright and awesome.

We took some relaxing breaks down in Sedona. Taking picture of the scenery and accidentally captured the bird in flight.

I spent three hours designing our invitation suite. I am so proud of my developing skills with Photoshop. More about these to come!

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