Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last week, I mentioned that the new changes in my life will result in changes here on the blog. If you come to the actual blog (instead of RSS viewing) you may have already noticed some changes. So far everything has been minor and cosmetic except one change. 

Up until now, I have turned down blog sponsorship. Starting tomorrow that changes! While this blog is still relatively small, readership and hits have been growing substantially. Specifically, I will be offering two ad space sizes as defined below.

Large Ad Space
A 200x200 space located in one of the top 5 spaces of the Sponsors sidebar section. This sponsorship includes a feature in a monthly sponsors post and the option to author one guest post.

Small Ad Space
200x100 rotating space located under the large ad spaces in the Sponsors sidebar section. 5 sponsors are shown at a time. This sponsorship includes inclusion in a shared sponsors post.

Let's Ad Swap
A free swap of blog buttons. A 200x100 ad space on my sidebar if you place my 200x100 blog button on your sidebar. This is an option for those that are just starting out with advertising but still want exposure!

If any this peaks your interest, check out my Sponsors page or contact me for more information!

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