Monday, May 14, 2012

Currently: May

grateful for the life we get to live.
loving the bright and warm weather. I love summer!
determined to be stronger and brighter this Fire Season.
anxious for the Farmer's Market at City Hall to start up again.
feeling blessed to have such great people in our lives.
eating fresher.
hoping for a promotion at work.
accepting the uncertain and constantly changing schedule we are put on between April and October.
happy that Berkeley is getting such high praise in his career.
making fruit and berry filled smoothies.
looking forward to June and November.
re-realizing that I am strong enough to get through the lonely days and long nights.
turning ideas into plans. Slowly the plans are becoming realities.
booking vendors for our wedding.
finishing last minute classwork.
taking more photos of our wonderful life and getting much better at printing out the photos we do take.
embracing every minute I get to spend with Berkeley.

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