Thursday, March 29, 2012

Product Review: Scotch ATG

For Christmas, my grandfather gave everyone gift cards. Long story short, I ended up with a bunch of money to spend specifically with Amazon. After a few hours, I settled on a few different things to get my spending started. One of those things: the Scotch Advanced Tape Glider Kit.

I have seen this bad boy at Michaels for some time now, but at a $41.99 price point, I could not justify the purchase. Using the small Elmer's tape runner I have has worked wonderfully. Once we got our Save the Dates and were getting ready to assemble it all, I realized that my tiny tape runner wasn't up to the job. I found the Scotch ATG with two rolls of adhesive for less than $17 on Amazon and with Prime shipping.

The result: I love this thing. Yes, it is big and takes a little bit of work to get the tape loaded as compared to the small tape runners. But having that much adhesive (216 ft) is awesome, it makes everything so much easier! I ripped through all of our Save the Dates in less than 30 minutes and using less than a third of the tape. My little Elmer's runner would have been gone. Tape refills are between $7-$10 for 216 ft, where as the Elmer's Craftbond Adhesive is $3.99 for only 26 ft. To get as much tape, I would have to spend $32 for 8 rolls. Yay for money saving.

After the Save the Dates, I went on to finish our Wedding Party Invites and working on Project Life. Even after all of that, I still had over half of the tape left. So much adhesive! Besides the amount of tape, the runner is really smooth in its application of tape. The thin adhesive applies to the paper/photo/whatever you're adhering straight and evenly. Once the two pieces are together, they are pretty permanent, but before putting the two together, the adhesive can be easily removed by rubbing your finger over it. You can also get other types of adhesive to fit in this roller.

Looking at other online reviews of this product, there are two major complaints about this product. The first is the alignment of the tape. They say it should be centered on the rollers, the way the tape sits in the housing, there is no way it would ever be centered. While I like the alignment, it does make getting an accurately adhered corner can be slightly difficult. That is something I can live with. The second chief complaint is the tape and backing liner breaking. I am on my second roll and that hasn't happened at all. I won't go as far as to say this product is perfect. It is bulky, but it is not heavy. However, I probably won't be taking this ATG on any trips.

Overall, this product is a win in my book. Despite the few quirks about it, the price makes it much more awesome. And I highly recommend it. So far Amazon has had the best price.

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