Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wedding Wednesday//Where are we?

While I have some free time this week, I took a look around myself and noticed a lot of stuff that is started but not quite possibly even done but not quite finished. Yes, to me there is a difference between done and finished. So the next few days I am just gonna give a run down of different aspects of my life that the blog covers. Today its the wedding!

With other couples at church getting engaged and planning their own weddings, we get asked all the time about our plans. Good news, we plan on booking the venue this weekend and then Save the Dates are going out! YAY! I have been saying all along that once the location and date set it will be a snowball from there. Fingers crossed that everything goes as planned! In preparation for out Save The Dates to go out, I will be spending the rest of the week updating and finishing our wedding website.

All of our wedding party has been picked, Berke is dragging his feet on asking his groomsmen for whatever reason. Once he does, I will be sending out my version of a "Will you be in our wedding party?" type things. More coming about that when they have reached their destination.

To make my life simpler and to have a rad evening with the most fun possible, we are skipping a plated dinner. If we go with Tlaquepaque as planned, we won't get the space until 6pm and by the time the wedding and reception roll around it'll be too late for dinner anyways. We also have to be out of the space by 11pm so we are planning a 4 hour cocktail hour with lots of finger foods, drinks, dancing and games. That's right, I said games!

By cutting a plated dinner, I cut seating arrangements, ridiculous amounts of centerpieces, and so much more. Now we can focus on the fun stuff! I am trying to get better about making these wedding posts. Not much has really progressed so I dont have too much to talk about. hopefully, the wedding talk picks up soon!

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