Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Noshing on Nachos//Chili's Failure

I started this project back in 2010, where we would sample different nachos from around town. We actually went through with it. The only problem, I pretty much forgot to post about it in a timely fashion. On Saturday, we went to Chili's. We had a few different social obligations that overlapped. We were planning on getting an appetizer to share and then going to a BBQ. Chili's made us wait over 45 minutes even though someone from our party had been waiting an extra hour prior to that! Failure number one.

The biggest failure came when we put in our order. Classic Nachos was the choice and described as:
With melted cheese, jalapenos, beans, queso and a hint of seasoned beef. Served with house-made pico de gallo and sour cream.
I was thinking the standard pile of chips with all of the awesome toppings.What we got was something totally different. First, take a look at the photo and maybe you will see it? If you are thinking pitiful, lame, and disappointment, you would be right! We got ten chips, each with a paper thin smear of beans, and cheese, with a slice of jalapeno on each. These just happened to be the worst nachos I have every had. How can these even be listed as nachos?! Probably because it is just a chip "smothered" in cheese. Lame. Overall, for the price we paid for "large Nachos", I will NEVER be ordering these again. To clarify I still love Chili's, just not these nachos!

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