Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday// 295 days.. A Progress Report

We are officially under 300 days. I feel like there is so much to do. I am behind on some of the goals I have set for us for this whole adventure, but on the other hand we are definitely a head of the game in other areas. This time last year (before WW posts started) I was pondering hair ideas and location specifics and little details.

Going back through those posts I realize that much of what were on the fence with has been decided! For Example:
  • We have a date set: November 10, 2012.
  • We have a venue we love and we plan on booking by the first or second week of February.
  • We have Save the Dates designed and ready to be printed.
  • We have a guest list,
  • a wedding party (as long as they all say yes)
  • General attire ideas
I have even picked out a dress that I cannot wait to try on and hopefully purchase! Note: dress shown is a general style I like, not THE dress! Obviously I am loving the look of a fitted bodice with a full tulle skirt. And while we haven't booked a photographer, we have discussed what kind of photos we like best and what requirements we want from a photographer.

Speaking of photography, we have been pondering whether or not we wanted to do engagement photos. I think yes and we have a great California photographer we are hoping to use; Hello There Handsome Photography. The photographer Jessie has a great sense of style! And she is so sweet. A full post about her and her talents to come later.

I have noticed that now I only most a Wedding Wednesday when I feel I need to. Instead of jotting down every idea and thought here on the blog like I was doing at the start of this adventure, I have been relying on Pinterest to keep my small finds. Every wedding website tries to suck you in to using their "inspiration boards". I find that they have default images that are not very inspiring or representative of what I want our wedding to be. If you don't know: Pinterest on the other hand, lets me post my own photos with the original link attached and I can add whatever note I want about the pin. Plus you can browse other people's boards too! I can't sing it's praises enough. I have since set up two different board pertaining to my wedding. One for general ideas, and one specifically for different dress ideas. If you use Pinterest and are interested in my up to the minute planning (and other non wedding boards too), feel free to click the links and follow me. I usually follow back! side note: if you are interested in joining Pinterest, let me know and I will send you an invite!

I am realizing now this was kind of a dump of information, if you made this far, I applaud and thank you!

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