Monday, January 16, 2012

Executive Decision

Over the past few months, Berkeley and I have been doing some talking and looking at finances. After careful consideration and me being fed up with my work situation, we have decided that I am going back to school! No real direction yet. Maybe a minor in something completely different than what my degree is in. Maybe just classes for fun. Currently, I have about 9 credit hours of humanities and 4 hours of sciencey courses. I may even try a one hour art course.

This decision will afford us some extra assistance with the bills and our current living arrangement. It will be a huge help financially since I now qualify for grants and hopefully the "varied" education I will have under my belt will help with the career hunt. As far as the blog goes, I am hoping that things won't be changed too much. Some of my projects might be a little delayed, but I think with a good schedule, all should be fine.

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