Friday, November 11, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//One Year!

As of today, there is exactly 365 days until our wedding! The past week we have been working on our Save the Dates! I know it is somewhat early on most people's timelines, but we are categorized as a "destination wedding" and our little Hippie town is not the easiest/cheapest to get to.
It has been very exciting getting this done. Somehow it makes it more real! We didn't do a big announcement or party so I am sure there are still some people out there that don't quite realize we are getting married! Just compiling the addresses has been a thrill!

We knew from the start of this, well at least I did, that I really wanted to go the post card route. It is easier, and more economical. If I learned anything from Sam's Bridal Shower invites, it doesn't matter if it is in an envelope, the piece of mail will still get lost. In fact, Sam and Casey even had wedding invitations go missing and more than 20 of their guests were verbally invited!

To skip all of the crazy, we have been looking at simple designs that are beautiful and fun, but also within our Photoshop skills. To be quite honest, I don't want to spend more than $25 here. We are looking at a little more than $12 in shipping so that leaves us with roughly $13 to make these bad boys!

I am gonna just show a few of the ideas we are looking at as inspiration. Once these are shipped and I know most of the recipients have gotten them, I will post the winner and how I made it! If you are interested in any of my inspirations, check out this board on Pinterest.
Photo via: this etsy listing found using pinterest I love the contrast of all of the fonts and the tag shape.
Photo via: this etsy listing found using pinterest. The big, bold, in your face font is my favorite! It is fun and gets the idea across. It would be perfect as the front of the postcard.
Photo via: Style Me Pretty post found using pinterest. I love the retro feel of this one. It is like a real post card from a couple on the road. They are awesome!

Stay tuned as I will be showing how all of our favorite elements came together to make our Save the Dates. That post will also compare the price of making them ourselves vs ordering them.

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