Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//Wedding Prep!

Getting the last minute details together has been a job and a half! Cutting, trimming, gluing, folding. It has been a crazy past few days.
In between working on and printing out all of the programs, we had a few other things to get done for this black and white, and sunflower extravaganza! Favors, venue decorations and a photo scavenger hunt.

For the favors, we found locally made candied sunflower seeds that we wrapped in white and black tulle rounds. We used small wired sunflowers to close the rounds into a little pouch to hold the seeds. All favors were placed on cheap cardboard cupcake stands that were decorated with the same ribbons used throughout the venue.

In addition to the candied seeds, regular shelled seeds were added. These seeds served a few purposes. Not only were these seeds less expensive, they were also larger than just the seed. The larger seed added volume to each favor thus reducing the number of the more expensive candies needed. Also, there were a bunch of older folks coming that don't like very sweet things. The regular shelled seeds offer something for them too.

The other big paper DIY project we did for Sam's wedding was a photo scavenger hunt. I know there is plenty of naysayers about using disposable cameras for these types of things. Sammy and Casey had over 250 guests RSVP to attend the wedding. There is no way the one photographer can get a photo of each and every guest with the bride and groom. Also, there are plenty of pictures that the photographer may not get because she will be busy with the happy couple.

Online there are several styles and methods of these photo games. We searched and we figured doing it ourselves would be cheaper. Using the same fonts as the programs, Edwardian Script and Optima, we typed up all of the shots Sam and Casey would love to have and printed them on regular 8.5X11 printer paper. Each was glued to a black piece of cardstock. To tie the whole look together, we hole punched the corner and then the coordinating ribbon was strung through and tied in a bow. We made 30 of these, one for each table.

Last of all the DIY projects is really a few projects in one to add little details that pulled everything together. The venue is in the forest so there are a lot of autumnal and natural elements that could not be changed. To incorporate these things my mom, my sister and I came up with some random decor elements. My mom and sister purchased small and large craft pumpkin during a sale and decorated with with floral picks with ribbon, leaves, and flowers. These pumpkins were placed in empty flower pots, empty side tables and were used to hide unsightly areas. Large pinecones were also added along the aisle with the coordinating ribbon that matched large sparkly bows along aisle seats as well. This tied together the acorns and pinecones from the trees with the pumpkins and the other greenery.

Back in August, Sam and I came to the conclusion that to save money on water, we could purchase the cheap bottled water. Most people I know have a preferred bottled water brand. To prevent H2O snobbery we covered the labels with custom made labels. There are also designated recycle bins for the empty water bottles. The labels Sam and I designed also carried the same fonts and also were adorned with the sunflower. Instead of the "nutritional value" grid, they made a "love facts" grid with details about the couple. Hopefully all of these details are noticed and appreciated and they give the overall feeling Sammy is hoping to accomplish. Until next time!

As always, please do not be shy! If you have any questions or ideas do not hesitate to comment! Want more step by steps? Just let me know! Hate all the wedding stuff? Drop a line and I cant work on dropping a post or two from the schedule!

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