Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//Sam's Wedding Programs

This week was officially deemed Wedding Week as soon as we arrived on Sunday morning. Since then every day has been filled with all sorts of tasks, crafts and errands. Also included in all of this busy work is the fact that everything that could go wrong this week, has!
The main focus has been finishing the last minute DIY details around here. This has included multiple stops to the local stores, which happen to be a 10 mile drive, and the closest Michaels. Honestly, it looks like a wedding threw up in my parents house! I know people saw it all the time, but I always felt it was an over exaggeration. Now, I realize that there is no better way to describe the scene.

Tuesday we worked on created Sam's programs. Something happened and again Sam had to scramble to find a replacement for a crucial element of her wedding. This time it was finding a new officiant for the wedding, hence the delay in creating programs.

The internet has all sorts of templates online that you just fill in your personal details. Those are easy and all, but they are limiting. I wanted to give Sam something that coordinated with other paper elements of the wedding.

Using Photoshop, I started with an 8.5X11 base layer and drew a line directly down the center of the page. I added all of the information for each page and then edited the fonts and sizes to get a cohesive look. Sam's wedding invitations were black and white and had the monogram and black scroll detail. I used the same font, Edwardian script, for "important" text details and used Optima to breakup all the script texts.

For the scroll details, I used a wallpaper graphic. I applied it to the program in a similar manner to those used to make the photo grids for the minibooks as demoed by Elise Joy. I simply made a rectangular shape, layered the graphic on top and used the shape to make a clipping mask. The photo shows the front and back covers of the program and can be clicked for a larger image. The inner pages featured a list of the Bridal Party and a general timeline of the events of the big day.

Samantha has an awesome printer that can print both sides of the page simultaneously! The program was printed straight onto bright white Recollections brand cardstock from Michaels. These could also be printed on plain printer paper with a cardstock cover in something other than white or black.

Stay tuned for more of Sam's wedding DIY elements!

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