Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//The Games

I am finally back on a semi-consistent schedule on the home front and with work. That means I was able to get the photos from the shower uploaded. Now I can give everyone the full run down of her great day! And I have made the decision that we dedicating the next 6 Wedding Wednesdays to Sammy since that is the only wedding business going on in my life right now.

For me, the main goal was to give Sam a fun filled day that was all about her! Being the middle daughter and having a larger than life fiance, sometimes I feel like she gets lost in shuffle so I wanted all eyes to be on her and incorporate all of her likes. A big part of this was having fun and engaging games.

I set up three games and Sam's FMIL came up with another resulting in 4 games total. I wanted to get all of these things set up and done for a fairly reasonable price. By DIYing a lot of it, I think I achieved some budget games.

One of her favorite party games is guessing the amount of candies in a jars and the winner gets the candy. I set up three jars for that game and guests were able to participate at their leisure. in total I spent less than $10 on this game. I picked up the jars at the dollar store. The decorations of the jar were leftovers from the other decorations and most of the money went to the candy. I never noticed how expensive candies are! This was by far my favorite game to organize. It was easy and stress free. Not instructions really needed. To the right is just the sample set up I did prior to the shower to see how everything would work out.

The funniest game we played was a story telling game. I got this idea from another shower I went to in May. Sam wore an apron and in each of the pockets were random utensils and household items. Sam stood up in front of the guests and told a story incorporating each of the items in the apron. At the end of the story, the guests were asked to write down all of the utensils that Sam had used in her story. I purchased some of the utensils, but I also just used a lot of what I could find in my parents' kitchen. This game could be free, but I spent $25 since I gifted Sam the apron and a handful of utensils.

The second participation game was another guessing game. I chose 10 random, but common herbs and spices and wrapped the labels with pink and red ribbons. The guests were to guess the spices by simply looking at and smelling them. I tried to make it a little difficult by adding similar looking spices like paprika and chili powder. I had everything all set up, but then I left the bag at my parents place the morning of the shower. Oops! I was able to select most of the same spices from the hostesses cupboard and we wrapped the labels with the same paper used to back the invitations. This is another game that could have been done for free. I purchased new spices for my sister to use in her new home so it upped the price a little for me.

The last game we played was awesome! We passed a jug around and the guests were told to place money in the bucket and that the person that correctly guessed the amount of money would take all. The catch? Instead of winner taking all the money, the winner took home All detergent and the money went to the bride! It was a fabulously fun way to end the shower!

The theme of Sweet and Spicy really allowed for the slips of tongue that came through out the games and even gift opening (more on that later). My favorite was the shot glass! She said cooking makes her stressed and that she needed a shot of alcohol to relax and she learned cooking while drinking from our mom! Oh, and chopsticks are apparently used for tossing salad and holding hair back. During the spice game, when of the guests picked up basil and asked "What is this spice? Homegrown?" Another priceless moment that really made the day truly special.

What games do you like playing at showers? Ever played games at a wedding? Stay tuned next week for a look at the shower food and gifts.

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