Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Changes

To help me organize the blog better and help me get on a schedule with my posts I am gonna designate certain posts to certain days. I already have Wedding Wednesdays, and when I was actively doing Happy Homemaker, it was on Mondays.

Well, I am changing it up a little. Wednesdays will still be the same, but Happy Homemakers will be Sundays and now my Minibook updates will be on Mondays! And I may venture into link up "parties" on Fridays! Of course, recipes will be posted sporadically as they have been done in the past.

I figure having a set date for some of these things I can work on a post earlier in the week and save it without feeling the rush to post it right then and there. Also when I have a lot of spare time, I can set a bunch of posts up to be posted on the specific days. Hopefully, this will keep a more regular stream of posts getting published even in the midst of me being crazy busy. So I hope you all enjoy these changes coming up!

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