Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//The Final Countdown and Crazy Complications

Greetings from California! Sammy's wedding is in less than 60 days and there is no turning on the cruise control here. It is one thing after another and I almost feeling like I need to be here for all of the time left between now and the big day.So in a few days is Sam's Bridal Shower. I am so excited for this day for here. In a family of 6-8 people, you learn that the Earth does not revolve around one single person. While the wedding is geared for a Bride, their wedding will be about both of them. I am excited to give Sam her own special day with her Bridal Shower.

This shower is slowly coming along. It has been hard trying to get
everyone's input and get it all put together. We had so many ideas converging but I think we managed it. Overall, it is just something that will showcase Sam! We went with Sweet and Spicy theme mixed with "wild" animal prints. I made the invites through Photoshop and had them processed through Shutterfly as 4x6 prints. It saved us a bunch of money. I backed the invites with 4x6 pieces of bright colored animal print cardstock.

The sweet and spicy theme was something I stumbled upon at 100 layer cake. For us, this theme really embodies the bride. Not only is Sam sweet and kind, but she is also spicy and devilish sometimes. To be honest all three of us girls have this quality. I also wanted to employ this theme so that we could make it a little more acceptable to throw in some more "grown up" gifts into the mix.

To go along with the theme we have a mixture of different food items, games and decorations that we want to incorporate. Now it is down to the last few days to pull it all together cohesively. I would start now, but the box of supplies for the shower was left in Arizona when I left for California. It is currently in transit. Once it gets here, I will be doing a second cupcake trial run and working out decorations. I look forward to sharing all of these details in the coming weeks.

As if losing a box of essentials wasn't enough. This past week my sister received a letter from her venue stating that the winery was in foreclosure! Could you imagine getting your money back roughly 65 days from your wedding date? Thankfully, they were able to find something over the weekend which is even cheaper than the original location. Talk about stress! Yikes!

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