Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer 2011 Thus Far

The blog has been a little dead this summer. I apologize! This summer has been quite different than last. Last year, we started with moving into a new place, same as this year. Now that Berkeley has been back in fire, I have been spending the days trying to maximize our times together. So far he has been on at least 8 different fires and is currently on his third out of state dispatch.

When I am not doing that, I have been crafting. Usually, I post about all of my different projects, but the camera is down and out for a little bit. I do have some pictures for my summer mini book progress. Look for an update on that coming soon. I also have some recipes to post and some cool techniques for some fun stuff.

I plan to have all of these great things posted by the end of the month before leaving for California around mid-August. My sister is getting married in October, and her bridal shower is coming up. I am doing all sorts of projects for the party and I will be sharing those leading up to the shower and after.

For those that were following my 31 days of prayer, all 31 days are posted on the page. If you want them all in an easily printable format, check out Sandra's PDF. While most of the time I was in prayer, he was on a fire, I feel like it had strengthened our relationship and gave my prayer life a kick start. I am slowly working on building our prayer life. I might mention it here and there, but I am not going to go into full-on posting unless you all want to read about it.

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