Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Blogiversary!

As of today, Your Girl For All Season(ings) has been up and running for a whole year now! Boy has time flown by. This date also means that we will be moving relatively soon, hence the delayed posting! While Berkeley was in Texas we received a letter telling us we had until the end of the month to find something new that fits our budget and all of our wants. It has been a rough few weeks for us and Blogiversary crept up on us.

Originally, we had great plans of a dinner full of our favorite recipes from the past year. I also wanted to spend the week fixing up some failed recipes. All of this has been put on hold to figure out our living situation and we think it may finally be resolved. Before everything gets packed up I will come up with a great celebratory meal for our delayed 1 year Blogiversary. Stay tuned for all sorts of photos and yummies for our blog celebration!

Also, I just want to thank everyone that has read, commented, followed and shared our blog over the past year! Thank you for going with the flow while we figure it all out. It is because of you that we continue this dog and pony act! Well, and the fact that I enjoy sharing my adventures from girlfriend to wifelet to wife and all things that go along with getting back to the root of it all. While we don't have any special giveaway this year, I will be sharing some very special and delicious recipes throughout the next week months or even the whole year!!

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