Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//Dishing for Dana

I know it has been a few weeks (okay a month) since I have updated about wedding plans. To be quite honest, planning has slowed a little bit. Everyday has new ideas and inspirations and my mind has been a buzzing, but nothing can really be done until we book the venue. But I am not here to talk about that today. The spotlight is going towards something more important!

In my quest to reduce the costs of our wedding day, I came across The Broke-Ass Bride blog. Dana has given tons of brides (including myself) budget saving ideas for creating the best wedding day ever! After giving others help, she is now in need of help herself. Long story short (full story here), she has rare autoimmune diseases and because of the US's crazy health care system, she has some pretty outrageous medical bills. Since she is self employed, Dana not only pays high premiums for the best coverage possible for her, but she also faces thousands of dollars resulting from prescriptions and other supplies necessary for managing her disease.

After discovering she needs at least a 12th surgery, Dana came up with a plan. Dishing for Dana is a fundraising venture to create the ultimate collection of comfort foods for a cause.
How it works: Bloggers/Readers/Supports donate time, money, and/or recipes. The recipes are then compiled into a database and cookbook. Monetary donations provide individuals with access to the recipe database. It is just that simple!
Dana's goal: Raise at least $22,000 to cover Dana's health insurance and medical bills for 2011.

My Goal: In support of this fundraising project, I plan to donate at least three of my recipes. I haven't figured out which ones yet, but I do know I will be sharing at least 1 Lopez family recipes. Some of my favorite times and best memories are associated with eating those meals. I would feel so awesome if they could benefit someone in need besides my tummy! Secondly, I will be donating some money directly to the cause later this month. Also, I plan on finding a way to do an Nine14 Design promotion and donating proceeds to Dishing for Dana as well. In total, I hope to donate at least $100!

What to know what you can do? Check out the Dishing for Dana website to find out more general information or get involved!!

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