Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Decision

So I recently stumbled upon a craft show coming up quick. I am having trouble deciding if I want to participate or not. I have a list of the pros and cons and really it comes out quite evenly. BK and I discussed it and we can't get off of the fence. Here is part of our list:

  • Another avenue of exposure to real customers
  • Sales opportunity
  • Networking
  • Learning experience
  • Low inventory
  • Supplying my own tables/chairs/displays etc.
  • Short time frame (show is April 9th)
I think the the decision is gonna be go. I have until the end of the week to finish the registration and send it in, but I think we can get this done. While it will cost some money, it could result in a lot of sales! For those of you in and around the Phoenix area, come check us out on the corner of Higley and Baseline in Gilbert! We will have a bunch of ready to ship items and we will be taking orders for your personalized items!!

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