Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//General News

I thought that I would be getting better since last week but that didn't really happen. BK came down with something and passed it on to me while my immune system was low. That beat me up a little bit more than the bronchitis did so I am without too much new stuff. With several weeks left until the wedding, we can have a few weeks with little or no new stuff for Wedding Wednesdays.
I got my new LOVE cards earlier this week. Thankfully, they were correct this time, but I may even have to order more if we decide on more than 10 attendants. We still haven't come up with a final number for our wedding party, but we are closer everyday. BK is having the most trouble deciding which guy friends to ask. It is official that my three siblings will be in our wedding though.

Instead of Ben, my little brother, being a groomsmen, he will be our "Ring Baron". He is dear to me and I think it will be special to us both if he walks down the aisle before my dad and I do. Since my brother is gonna hold our rings and I don't know any other girls his age (he will be 16 when we get married) that I am close enough to, we are gonna do without flower girls. He is also shy, so instead of standing up at the alter, he will sit after walking down the aisle. I haven't decided if he is gonna hold the rings until we need them or pass them off as soon as he gets down the aisle. Not that it is the biggest thing to worry about considering we have plenty of time.

As for my sisters, they will be two of my bridesmaids. My youngest sister Megan is into cosmetology and will be getting her license soon. Hopefully, she will be willing to at least help me with my hair and makeup since I cannot do any of that stuff myself, well not as awesome as I would hope to for my wedding. If so, it will probably be a huge money saver.

If you haven't noticed yet, I am all about saving money with this while still having a gorgeous wedding that can incorporate as many as our loved ones as possible. If I can, I am all for getting the dresses from Macy's, Dillards, Nordstroms, etc. I am also looking into doing as much as this wedding myself like centerpieces, and place cards. We are also very interested in buying as many things from Handmade sellers as opposed to commercial vendors.

In other news, I have started working on our wedding website. It isn't full of concrete details, but has some stuff on there. Thanks for reading tonight's post. I can't promise too many more details for the next two weeks, but I am hoping to have some good content wedding wise on March 2. I know that seems so far away but, the Sedona Bridal Fair is on Feb 26th and I plan to get to know as many people and get as much info as possible and share with everyone that has been following our wedding process.

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