Monday, February 14, 2011

Craft Corner

My creative juices have been flowing lately and I have made a few different things. Mostly, they have been the altering of some plain frames I found at a thrift store. Two of the frames I used a metallic paint that I have been experimenting with. I am really enjoying the effects they create and I plan on using these paints more often.

At the thrift store, I also found one of those padded memo boards that use ribbons to hold notes, pictures, and other momentos onto the board. When we brought the board home, it was missing almost all of the covered buttons used to mark the intersections. Where the two ribbons crossed, the person that made it originally, stapled the two pieces in place. The covered the buttons covered the staples as seen in the crappy cell phone photos I have.

Originally, when I brought this home, I considered taking all of the ribbon off and covering the faded and outdated fabric choice with something newer. Something inside me told me not to change it so I want in search of something to replace the covered buttons. Since I get a decent discount on items from Michaels, my search started there. I ended up finding pale green gemstone decorative brads.

I am still in the process of figuring out the best way to secure the brads to the board. I also need to find something to use as backing for the board. Before it had some gauze type covering that looks like the material used on boxspring mattresses and furniture. It was a nasty, stringy material that I have no desire to ever use for anything. As I finish this project I will show better photos of everything.

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