Sunday, January 9, 2011

And so it begins

Now that the ring is on my finger, I have been casually looking at things wedding related and getting ideas. Joining The Knot has been fun since I can look at things other people have done and find my own ideas and read first hand accounts from other brides in Az. Also, MJ's wedding has put a little wedding buzz into me as well. When the big event finally happens, it is going to be a great party with everyone we love.

One suggestion I have seen a lot is to start a notebook with snipits and photos of things you keep coming back to. Since most of my browsing is online not only is it easier, it is also cheaper (no need to buy a notebook and print out pics) for me to just use blog posts for now.

The Important Details

Wedding Date: There are two weekends that will work will for what we want in the next few years. Either Fall 2012 or 2013 in the evening. we have careful planning to do so that all of our friends and loved ones can make it to our special day.

Location: For now Sedona, Az is our location. Specific venue is TBD, but Tlaquepaque is high on the list. We are looking mainly for places that we can have both the ceremony and reception.

The Little Stuff
Theme: The overall feel of our wedding needs to be something that represents the two of us. We love the woods and the type of flora in Northern Arizona. It plays well into stuff we have seen that we like. We also fully embrace our Hispanic backgrounds. Somehow we are working through ways of melding those two ideas together.

Attire: For guests, we are thinking semi-formal or cocktail attire. I have a few floating ideas for what our bridal party will wear. Our colors are leaning towards darker reds, oranges and maybe hues of pink/purple for now. Depending on the number of BM's and groomsmen, I may just have each girl wear a different color dress and have the guys wear vests to match.

Also, we may just have 3 "flower girls". Two would be carrying flowers and one would carry the rings. I would love to dress them in tutus! I think a bunch of toddlers bumbling down the aisle in voluminous tutu dresses.

I also found some cute ideas for ring holders instead of the traditional pillow. I am very excited for the overall thing to come together.

That is all I have for now. I am sure there will be changes down the road to all this or fine tuning to the original ideas. Instead of starting a wedding specific blog as many other brides to be do, I will be chronicling as much as I can here. The intention of this blog all along has been a collection of all of the different things that make me who I am. Plus sharing my road from college home cook to homemaking and working wife will be a perfect addition to all of my recipes and experimenting in cooking and crafts.

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Heather said...

So excited to see the details of your wedding pan out! You are so creative that I know it is going to be amazing!! :)

I am having all of my BM wear a different color dress and the guys in matching vests/ties as well! Well, if we ever get our ceremony like we want.

I also think the flower girls in tutus would be absolutely precious!

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