Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year End Wrapup

On our 100 published post, I am gonna do an overview of our year ending activities, projects and stuff we have been too busy to talk about lately. And I think we are gonna try to tackle this chronologically. So buckle up and hold on while we get through as much as possible.

At the beginning of December I had a few different projects going on. The biggest one which I really started in November. It was a picture frame specially made for Elly Johnson. The background is white with different colored polka dots to match the letters I made earlier this year. I put her whole name, birthdate, weight and length on it.

I personally think it turned out great and I am very proud of myself. I only hope Elly and her parents love it as much as I do. To the right is a small peek at the finished frame. I also managed to hand sew some letters from a geometric patterned fabric onto a fleece blanket I found months back. I won't get into all the boring details here but maybe over at the Nine14 Design blog since those details are more suited there.

On December 3rd was BK's birthday. We tried a new place we hadn't tried before with his parents. Criollo is one of the places on my Bucket List and is quite the swanky little joint with really great prices. I'll probably do a complete review for the FBL later this week! After lunch we had a party and I got to meet BK's "sister". It was a great night altogether.

BK's birthday was shared with a baby shower for some close friends from church. They have a daughter already and have some things so the biggest thing they wanted was diapers and wipes. So I took the opportunity to make a diaper cake. And for those readers that don't know, it is a cake shaped structure made from rolled up diapers.

I based my design off of the Alphamom tutorial and decorated with dark chocolate brown and olive hue ribbons instead of the typical choice of receiving blankets. This helped because they wanted more gender neutral colors. I ended up using a felt owl that I made myself to finish the whole thing.

After the craziness of BK's birthday, Christmas card making was in full swing. And at the very last minute I decided we needed to order those Shutterfly prints. That pushed the mailing of our cards back to after the NYC trip because there was so much that needed to be done. I managed to pack everything and get my siblings presents made and get everything together during finals. I was going a bit mad, but I managed it all even a small assortment of Christmas decorating.

The NYC trip and the week before Christmas were such a blur. I cannot believe it is already almost New Year's Eve! I am working on a Flickr set with all of the photos we got from our trip. I wish I could have spent more time in New York City, but I am glad we didn't get stuck in the storms while trying to fly back. For anyone that has family stuck somewhere away from loved ones my thoughts go out to them for a safe arrival back to where they need to be.

Well, I think that about sums up all that we have been doing the past month. More details coming as soon as I have more time to sit down and write!

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