Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Cards 2010

Autumn barely lasted a month this year. It is saddening. In fact, as I type this up, it is raining/snowing. The ground is still too warm for the snow to stick, but the rooftops have a light dusting. This year has gone by so incredibly fast. For us Americans, Thanksgiving is in four days. Which mean the Holidays are upon us. I am in a rush to get our Christmas cards finished. I have three more things to get before we can start putting them together, but the first two phases are done.

Early in October, I posted an example of the direction we were taking with the cards. For some reason, compared to last year, they were pretty plain. After looking for a template to print out for the tree shape, I found other ideas. There was one that had a layering effect with different textures and colors and different types of the mediums. I liked the general shape, but I didn't have everything for the level of cardmaking it was demonstrating. But I used the pattern/layering idea to come up with something different. I am still using the paint samples like before. I cut different shapes from all different colors and patterned pieces to add texture without using a bunch of different papers.

To the right is our current design. We are trying to decide if we want side folding cards or if they should go the other way and have the fold on the top (hamburger or hot dog?). If we have the card as long rectangle, the color gradient paint sample is not wide enough, so I was thinking some kind of glitzy ribbon to go underneath of it. The options are really endless at this point. This image just shows the the pieces all taped together. We also got those foam stickies that lift the object up a little to give some more dimension.

All the tree pieces are put together, but I just need to pair them with matching background pieces. To keep everything organized, I may just fill out all the envelopes first. I have a long and varied list of recipients all over the net. And we still need to print out our Christmas-y pictures. Ughh So much to do!

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