Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Eats, Old Seats

I have been slacking on the Lumberyard postings. I have been several times since posting about this amazing place back in June. I have gotten several different things off the menu and this is fastly becoming my new favorite place to eat. I am not even sure I discussed what I got the first time we went with BK's parents. So I guess, let's start there!

So back in early June, before going for the World Cup game, we went with BK's parents. We split the sliders with bacon, aptly titled The Porker, and a side salad. The sliders came with a cheddar cheese skirt and wrapped in bacon. They were great. The salad was huge. More than enough for two people. The salad itself was mixed greens, green and red peppers, carrots, red onion, black olives, tomatoes, and colby jack cheese. We got chipotle ranch with it. Mmm delicious.

We went again with BK's parents in July. This time I ventured out for something I was apprehensive about ordering from there. I got the Catfish Po Boy. My inner Southern Girl was calling. The fish was great. It was crispy on the outside, and moist and flaky on the inside. The house remoulade had a nice zest to it which kicked up the great flavor of the Po Boy itself. It was so long ago, I don't even remember what it was that BK ate. I do remember it was good though!

Someone else that went out with us that night got boneless wings. The wings at the Lumberyard are served with a dry rub and accompanied with dipping sauces. The chicken was super tender. The rub had a small amount of kick with the spices. She got a honey mustard style dipping sauce. It is called 24 karat gold sauce. It was different. It wasn't a typical honey mustard, but it did have the same zing without a lot of heat.

The first weekend in August I personally went to The Lumberyard three and a half times in five days. A lot, I know. But this place is that good! I went on a Friday with some old friends, and I got the Catfish Po Boy again. Two days later, on Sunday, we went with BK's parents. That time I got the Blackened Mahi-Mahi. Just like the Catfish, the Mahi-Mahi was flavorful and tender. The spice blend is really unique and stands out. Sometimes when fish is blackened, all you can taste is the char on the fish and not the spices or the natural flavor of the fish. The Lumberyard does a great job at balancing it all! On the side, I got the red pepper coleslaw, and the dish is served with a low fat cilantro lime mayo.

On that Tuesday, we went again for BK's parents' birthdays. This time I ordered the polish sausage. At The Lumberyard, you get the choice of sweet, hot or Reuben. I chose sweet so the 1/3 lb pork polish sausage came with red and green grilled peppers (my fave). For an additional charge, I added a slice of horseradish Havarti to it. As you can tell, I love horseradish and Havarti. It came out and it just smelled so good, I just had to start eating it. As you can tel by the picture. The horseradish Havarti and the sweet peppers combined together really nicely with the spicy mustard used to dress the roll the sausage comes on. Once again I got the red pepper cole slaw. Overall, it was a great meal for lunch. It wasn't too heavy or greasy.

In the past month we were also able to try the two dessert items they offer, Banana Pudding and Brownie Sundae. I can't have too much banana because I am allergic, but I was able to get a few bites in. The pudding is served in a huge mason jar layered with vanilla wafers, banana slices and whipped cream. We ate the Brownie Sundae somewhat deconstructed because it was ordered to go. The brownie was a sea salt brownie covered with a stout caramel sauce. It was absolutely, 100% delicious! I never want to eat any other brownie again!

Until next time!

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