Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Defeatist Feeling

So I have been perusing some blogs and I feel like my writing is at kindergarten level while they are getting their Ph D's in food blogging. I want to share with the world my humor while discussing my passion for food. I mean I LOVE FOOD. I love cooking, and creating and being all domesticated. Why can't my typing just let my sarcasm and humor shine through. I want my blog posts to sing or leave you splitting your britches like this guy's postings. Why can't I let my sarcasm out like that? Maybe I just worry too much. Maybe my inner narration is not as funny as my regular voice?


Heather said...

Let's run away to Paris and take lots of cooking classes so we have amazing stories to write about with glorious foods to eat and photograph, plus an excuse to escape the drama that is life right now :)

Libby Krueger said...

Write what you think and the sarcasm will come. Ask BK about some of the French food, French people and of course the traffic, riding the metro, the bus lines and more. You'll get an idea as what Paris is like. Paris should be on your bucket list. We've been there twice and we look forward to going again...soon.

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