Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tucson Tamale Company pt 1


So BK's mom brought us these packages tamales when they came to visit. OH MAN! They were the best freakin' tamales I have EVER eaten in my life! She brought us two packs, Green Corn and San Carlos. We ate the Green Corn ones first. We simply steamed them, while still frozen, in the rice steamer.

After 30 minutes, they were so moist and delicious! I was amazed. Most tamales that are premade and get frozen are still dry and somewhat bland after you reheat/resteam them. But not these little suckers!

The ingredients list was so basic, yet these little things were filling and bursting with flavor. The Tucson Tamale Company makes these wonderful tamales from a family recipe with fresh ingredients and are lard and gluten free. The Green Corn happen to be the traditional ones (as per the website) and contain fresh white corn, roasted hatch green chilies and a blend of cheese. Damn, I sound like a commercial. But really they were just that good.

Another positive? They ship too! I look forward to purchasing a bunch when we get money next week. MMM Mmm! I hope the other ones are just as good as these. I will keep you posted on all the varieties that was try.


Libby Krueger said...

We had the cheese and jalapeno tamales for dinner a couple of nights ago. I haven't met a tamale from the Tucson Tamle Co. that I don't like. The names of the tamales are quite catchy and of course the tamales are made fresh and traditionally. Want more? Let me know...

Ashley Marie said...

Umm YES PLEASE!!! We finished the others last night. We were even thinking about getting some from the website.

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