Saturday, June 19, 2010

Optimus Prime and the Decepticons

It is only Saturday but once again, I have had a very full weekend. Back in March or April, I started some tomato seeds I purchased from Target. They took off and sprouted right away. When we moved to the new place they were ready to get transplanted from the small pot we started the seeds in to a larger container. I did not think that they were really going to grow much after that.

To my surprise, the plants took off! This week almost all three plants reached 12 inches! The tomatoes were starting to yellow a little bit. After closer inspection, the roots were starting to grow up out of the soil. It was definitely time to transplant them again.

Someone was nice enough to get me a gift card for Home Depot on Wednesday. Yesterday, we ventured over there. After much debate over how to maximize growth potential, I bought 4 small pots and a hanging pot, and some potting soil. I figured it would be a pretty simple task. Boy, was I wrong.

My first mistake was assuming that all of the roots were thin and contained to the area each plant was in. After taking the whole brick of soil, roots and plants out of its original planter, I had to slowly work each of the plants apart. Doing this afforded me the chance to get up close and personal with each name. This resulted in me naming each plant. Silly, I know. The biggest and healthiest plant is Optimus Prime and the three littler ones are Cindersaur, Flamefeather and Sparkstalker (decepticons).

Here's to hoping they turn out pretty good and get some sort of fruit this summer!

After getting the 'maters all sorted into their own pots, I started on nurturing another member of the family. Hubert is a hanging plant. I pulled him out of his store container and he was so dried out! I felt bad for him. He is an old withered soul. Hopefully, a little love and care can bring him back. Right now, he is our welcoming committee and has a nice place on our patio.

I really like having plants around the deck. It helps makes our place more homey. As opposed to just some deck with a bunch of crap on it. I say that lovingly. But let's be honest, our deck right now is a little slummy. First off, the rose colored recliner is dying, so it got moved to the patio so it isn't wasting space in the front room. Berke'e mini fridge is out on the deck too because he is selling it, along with his bike, bike stand, grill, and two large bags of charcoal. He is also using it as an airing out location for his tent. We look a little like bums currently. With class ended in 2 weeks, I am hoping July and August will bring me more time to fix up the house.

Well, I think I have beaten this entry up. I am trying to keep all different topics separate.


Heather said...

Cindersaur!!!! I LOVE it! :)

I cannot wait to live in a house, being confined to an apartment sucks. I would kill for a yard and a place to grow plants and veggies of my own! Until then, decorating the inside of the apartment will have to suffice :P

Ashley Marie said...

We live in an upstairs apartment type thing. We have a patio but no yard. That why everything is in pots. I know what you mean though.

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