Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Riddle

So what is red and purple and cut all over?

My lips! Apparently, people can sleep through anything if they are comfortable enough. The other night, I was preparing to roll over in bed and some how I ended up smacking my face on the corner of the windowsill. Not just a little bit either. The corner was in between my two front teeth. When I woke up completely, both of my lips were cracked open. Other than that I was fine, rolled over and went back to sleep. In the morning, I took a better assessment of the injury. The crack in my bottom lip runs up from the bottom edge and into my mouth with a huge bump on the inside of my lip. My top lip wasn't as bad but it was still significantly cracked open. The biggest thing is my gums being sore.

I am more than surprised that I didn't knock my tooth out or crack any of them. Or end up with a concussion. My reasoning is that it pays to have a comfortable bed. I was so relaxed that my body was able to absorb the forces and not cause any lasting damage. I needs my teeth and full function of my gustatory organs so I can create and eat tasty food!!

Speaking of food...

The past few weeks have been a little slow on recipes. We made use of leftovers for our versions of classic favorites such as Chicken Quesodillas, Tacos, Pastas with homemade sauce, Salads and Burgers. I can share all those recipes if you guys want. Just didn't know if anyone had a need. We also had my famous Chicken Enchilada Casserole. It is a recipe near and dear so I am alittle apprehensive on sharing. Also, I have no clue how much of each ingredient I use either. So maybe I will post it, maybe not.

This upcoming week will be busy. The "In-Laws" will be coming over the weekend and I will also be watching my one true love Port! So it is a mad dash to clean and unpack so that I have space for the kennel without my landlord being privy to the illegal visitor. Now I just need to decide if I will be making Indian Butter Chicken for dinner Friday night, or the Enchilada Casserole! Any suggestions?


Berkeley said...

At least cleaning is easier with a vacuum in our custody

Megan said...

Hungry Girl's new cookbook has a recipe for chicken enchilada casserole. :) I wonder if it is similar to yours? I was going to make it but when I realized it was a casserole, I adjusted the recipe and made enchiladas instead because Ken is not a huge fan of casseroles except tuna casserole. Like I said, he eats like a child. :) Sorry about your lips OUCH!

Ashley Marie said...

Hmm, maybe. I haven't seen the recipe. Mine has green chilies in it. And mine's not very healthy. I'll post the recipe soon.

I was a chapstick freak for the past few days, so my lips are slowly healing up. My gums hurt the most at this point.

Ashley Marie said...

Heather, I have no doubts about being oddly accident prone. I get weird injuries from awkward actions. I have a couple recipes for sauces. I'll definitely post within the next few days

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