Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Down, Many to Go

In the past few days, a lot has gone on. I don't even know where to start. I suppose I will start on Friday, since that's when most of my creative took place. The "In-Laws" came to visit and BK and I decided we would provide dinner. But before any of this began, I had Port this weekend and picked him up at 8am.

Around noon, I began preparing my Crockpot version of Chicken Makhani or Indian Butter Chicken (recipe to be posted) as it needed at least 6 hours to cook. Cutting chicken into cubes while a German Shepard, who is as tall as the table you are working on, looks on is quite a fun thing to do. Thankfully, my two year old is well behaved. Port watched me very intently as I gathered all of the spices. Once the chicken was seasoned, and disappeared into the pot, he decided I was not as a fun as his new squeaky toy.

While the chicken was simmering away, I started another one of my projects. As I mentioned last time, I decided to take an old sheet and make it into a door curtain. The bedroom and office had their doors removed long before we moved in here. To help combat outside light, mostly due to the sun coming up around 5am during the summer, we needed some kind of privacy curtain. Originally I wanted to find one of those tri-fold privacy things. But those are all outside of my budget. It will be something to consider in the future.

So I laid out the sheet in the front room to measure it. As soon as it was flat, Port made himself very comfortable. Every time, I needed to move he gave me this snide little glare. It took me about an hour though. After measuring the door frame, and the sheet, I marked the lengths. I folded the extra over and used quilters safety pins to secure a two inch section for the curtain rod to go through and a second section to hold down the rest of the extra fabric.

I chose to use safety pins for this one because it was a perfectly good sheet prior to this project. Since moving, I no longer have a twin size bed, and therefore, I no longer have a need for twin size sheets. For the rest of the curtains, I will be using an adhesive. I wish I had a sewing machine though. That would make this whole project much easier.

Once we hung the curtain up, I noticed it was about 3 inches from the floor. So somewhere between Berkeley measuring the length of the doorway, to me measuring the fabric we made about a 2 inch error. I am okay with it being a little short as opposed to too long. All in all, I am very pleased with how this one turned out for how fast I did it and my limited assortment of supplies! What do you all think?

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