Monday, June 7, 2010

Crafts to be Finished

I realize I have posted 3 times already, but I make good on my promises. If you request something of me, I will try to accommodate my readers as fast as possible.

So another aspect of this blog is my crafts. I have several things in the making and on the "to be started" list. Awhile back I started a Altered Book as a remembrance project for my Grandma Lana who passed away in 2004. I made great progress on it until I needed pictures. I can't finish until I have pictures or else nothing I started would be right.

Another project in the making is the CURTAINS! As many of you know, we moved into a home with LOTS of windows. Right now, in the bedroom we have sheets for curtains. Not cool! Especially since one is tan and the other is red flannel. Not matching with the rest of the house, besides the comforter we have on our futon mattress couch. The office needs curtains to block out the heat from the setting sun. This past weekend was in the upper 90's. The house was ROASTING. It was bad. Trying to cook was even worse.

Also, we only have three doors; the front door, the bathroom door, and a closet door. So we need some sort of room dividers. I am thinking about taking some old twin size sheets and making them into curtains for a bedroom door. They are a green and brown paisley. It will be a nice contrast to the rest of the bedding in our room which is a chocolate brown suede down comforter and a lime green and black quilt. The upside to using a bedsheet for that is that it is already hemmed and matches perfectly with most of the house. It will also keep light from the front room out of the bedroom.

I am looking forward to more money coming our way so I can get home warming stuff taken care of. I think finishing these curtain projects will make this place more like my home.

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