Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today was haircut day! BK and I both ended up with hair appointments with Aveda Red OTS in the Basement Marketplace downtown. This is somewhat of a big deal for me. You may be wondering why. No, it is not that our appointments were together. But more that it was the first time I have even thought about cutting my hair in about 18 months. I know, I know, you are supposed to get it cut every 6 weeks to 6 months. But the last three people to touch my hair in this town have jacked it off and/or cut it way too short. How so? Well, that is a great question and I am glad you asked!

I noticed a few years back that it was time for a trim. Not a full on cut, but a trim. A friend of mine worked at Trade Secret and said she had a few openings. Supposedly, the stylist they had staffed was great with curly hair. So I agreed. first of all, he was a total ass and unprofessional. He kept trying to hit me up for a ride to another part of town to pick up his car. that's creepy. Then he took about 5+ inches off my hair and layered it to hell. He claimed it was good for my curls, but I don't care about the natural wavy. I want long golden locks. Not gonna happen if it is always being chopped off! Ever since then up until now, the stylists that have touched my hair have cut it off.

Finally, I found someone that knows something about hair like mine. Has a genuine concern about building a returning clientele. Not the best conversationalist, but I am not paying to talk to someone, if so I would have been on a couch spilling my life story to licensed therapist. I also don't go to the salon to hear the latest gossips about who is doing who. So it was nice. I ended up taking 2 to 4 inches off. Not ideal for me, but my hair was in a bad way and for some reason there was a huge chunk missing from my lower hair layer. I am mostly pleased with the outcome.

After the cuts, we wandered downtown and ran into one of our good friends. He is a wildland firefighter with Forest Service just like BK was. This friend of ours was headed to The Lumberyard Brewing Co to sit in the bar and watch the USA vs. Ghana World Cup match. Man, I am so glad we went. We got there a little after the start of the game, but we were able to see the equalizer goal from Landon Donovan (Mmmm). It has been a while since I was in a bar for a sporting event I was actually excited to watch. It was a lot of fun besides the fact that the US lost. But I am routing for Uruguay anyways. It was a good dose of Man Candy and great food.

Before we get on to the food, I want to talk about the place we went first. It deserves a little attention just due to it's history. Between 1887 and the mid 1990's, Lumber was one of the foundations of Flagstaff's economy. After the BNSF line was built through town, as well as Historic Rt 66, many sawmills and lumberyards popped up around the area too. In 1890, the Flagstaff Lumber Company built its building, which is now located at one of the busiest and most historic intersections in town. This building is the last remaining building from that era.

When threatened to be torn down due to structural instability, some awesome people bought it and decided to make a brewery of it. They have kept the original structure of the building, all of the bricks and have salvaged a lot of the wood from inside the building. All these saved materials were used in constructing the seating, bar, and other fixtures throughout the entire restaurant and brewery. It is truely a beautiful sight to see something so historic preserved as best as possible instead of letting it just be torn down. Now back to the day's events.

We ordered the nachos and I personally got a half liter of White Wine Sangria! The nachos were great, but most nachos in Flagstaff are. It is like the unofficial, official food of Flagstaff. All the good places to eat serve them and they are made well and each in their own special way. Now on to the important thing, the sangria. IT WAS AWESOME! I am not the biggest wine drinker. I am sure you are all shocked to hear this coming from someone that was raised in close vicinity of some of the best wineries in country. And if you are like me and prefer white wine to red, then this is a drink for you!

They make it by the 2-3 gal jug and you can either order it as a half or full liter. They chill it with fruit inside to build the flavor. They fill the carafe with some ice, pour in the sangria and add even more lemons and grapes. It was amazing. The full liter is listed for 5-6 people and the half liter, which I had, for 1 or 2 people. I finished mine without even realizing any effect from the wine, which is not usually the case after sangria. My carafe was almost gone after 3/4's of the 120 minute game had passed. I was ready for another carafe! Bad I know. But it was so good. It was light, airy and fruity without being too sweet, or winey. I hate when the tannins in wine overpower the fruits of the sangria because the traditional serving of sangrias was as fruity wine punch. This was just perfect. Although I cannot comment of the red wine version, I do however 100% endorse The Lumberyard Brewing Co's White Wine Sangria ;) In fact, I look forward to football season so I have a reason to wear a sundress and sip sangria while rooting on my favorite teams for hours on the weekends this fall!

So now you all know the way to my heart... Sangria and Sports! I have definitely found the new place to enjoy both at. So if you are ever in the area, you need to go check out The Lumberyard Brewing Co. We will definitely be going there more often.

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Heather said...

your hair is so long and pretty... I love it! :)

that sangria looks absolutely amazing. I cannot wait until the baby is here so I can enjoy some lovely beverages. lol

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