Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Kurt!

Things have been a little silent on the home front. Life has been busy and bustling. My posting last weekend was centered around a great dining experience and the newest member of the growing Humphreys residence. So far the tomatoes have taken off again and Hubert is hanging in there. I am thinking the sun was a little much for him this week.

It has been so packed, that picking a starting point has seemed a little difficult. Once making the decision to stick to the topics pertaining to the blog. So mainly stuff about me and my hobbies. I will start this off with another oops moment for me.

After BK's parents left, now close to two weeks ago, BK and I went to church. On the way home we hit the ATM. I just figured I would hop out quickly, deposit a check and be on our way. Boy was I wrong. First, the ATM didnt like the check. Then I was I getting into the car. My foot slipped through the grating of an antique storm drain in downtown Flagstaff. Man, was if ever gnarly! I am doing mostly better, I just have a huge scab across the the top of my foot. It wil somewhat interesting. At least there were no slivers embedded in lips to deal with.

Another big news item this past week has been Wildfire! Saturday, the Hardy fire started in the Southeast region of Flagstaff by a transient. Luckily, by nightfall, the fire was pretty well handled. Not more than 18 hours later, the biggest fire I have seen in a long time started. This one, which has burned nearly 15,000 acres, was started by a lazy camper who couldn't properly extinguish his coals while camping in Schultz Pass. The smoke stack Sunday looked as if a bomb or volcano had gone off. If the Hardy fire hadn't been contained so quickly, I believe there would be a lot more land lost, if not homes. The photo to the right is of the fire from June 21. This photo is one of many gorgeous images taken by Charlie McCallie. It seemed at night, the winds died down enough to not have a huge plume of smoke billowing up. I have a few images I took from throughout the week that I will share at the bottom of the post.

Thankfully, this fire is a fair distance away from where I am living, but I do have a pretty decent view of the aerial action from the front porch. It also helps that my current house mate is a Forest Service Wild Land Firefighter at heart and is fully prepared to properly handle things if need be. Which leads me to the title of the post.

We officially have our own internet at the new house! Hooray! Since updating have been the biggest pain, telling about the weeks dealings has not been the biggest priority. As I am typing these updates and dealing with internet life stuff. BK is sitting across the living room dozing off while pretending to be engrossed in the conversation. Every now and then he snaps out of it and kinda peeks to see if I noticed. His father does the same thing so I have been calling him baby Kurt. The initials are the same for both too! I keep telling him to go to bed, but he refuses saying he isn't tired or he is just that plain stubborn. It is pretty funny.

It is getting late, so I better wrap this up. Thanks for reading and if you got this far, you should know that the upcoming post will pertain to recipes, another review for WildFlower Bread Company and some more day to day fun!

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