Friday, June 25, 2010

Adventures in MacyLand pt 1

This a new mini series I am starting. It has already somewhat been started but I am turning it into a full fledged thing. These little updates are entirely dedicated to the happenings, people, oddities and the food and drink of Macy's European Coffeehouse, Bakery & Vegetarian Restaurant. And before I get any guff about the name. Yes, I know it is Macy's but Macyland sounds better without the s. Not to mention this is my blog and I can name things whatever the hell I want!

When we last left off with our tour through Macy's menu, BK and I had eaten another great dinner. This time we will explore two weekend breakfast trips, with a total of 6 meals between the two of us.

The first was the weekend BK's parents were in town. He needed to wash some work clothes so it was the perfect excuse to have them get us awesome breakfast. Not that we needed one though. They love Macy's just as much as we do. The joyous thing about the new place is that we live so close we can just walk, but because BK had laundry we drove. Once we got there though, we stood in line. It was a standard packed Saturday! However, it did afford me time to really ponder my drink selection.

As you are all aware, I love me some iced Soy Chai! This time, I changed it up a bit. It was somewhat chilly, so I went with a warm drink. I ordered a triple cafe bohemian. It was okay. There was espresso, chocolate and cinnamon. For some reason, it was still a tad bit dull for me. I added 2 packets of Splenda and I was right as rain for the next couple hours. After that was a whole other story altogether. Let's just say I don't do well with too much caffeine.

I went for a slice of quiche. It was called "A Tribe Called Quiche" and came complete with green chilies! Yum. Unfortunately, the register attendant dropped it as she was pulling the last piece out of the case. On the bright side there was other quiche flavors and we got this slice for free! This one had mushrooms. It was great. I ate it cold and the egg and mushroom mixture was still so velvety. It was smooth. BK had a pecan sticky bun and I think his parents had at least a cinnamon roll. Anything else consumed is up for debate.

The next weekend, we went twice! On that Friday, we loaded up a bunch of laundry, both his and mine. And headed down to our spot. This time I just grabbed a breakfast burrito and my good old chai. It was a great mixture. Again, I ate my food cold. I don't need a piping hot meal to feel satisfied. BK had the yogurt with granola and fruit. This one is AMAZING. You can get honey vanilla yogurt with the granola topped with blueberries and strawberries. Bananas are also an option, but we refrain since I am allergic! It was a very simple and fast meal while we did laundry. Despite how fast we consumed it, it was filling and light.

Saturday morning we went back. Collectively, we decided on something we haven't had yet. We split the vegan waffles. They were the best waffles that I have ever eaten! So So So good. We also split the half order of biscuits and gravy! These are both must haves at Macy's. Never in my life has meatless, vegetarian gravy sounded appeasing to me. And back in the early winter, when we decided to have it for the first time I was on the fence. The outside of the biscuit had a nice crunch to it, as well as a fluffy middle that withstood a warm thick gravy bath. Assuming that the lack of meat/sausage would weaken the gravy definitely made an ass out of me. The only better gravy is my momma's! And that is saying a lot.

The combination was great! I have come to the conclusion that you can never go wrong with any single dish at Macy's. If you like good, comfort food, you will love what Macy's has to offer. Unless your idea of comfort is grease and oil laden crap food!

Until next time, Enjoy Reading! And don't be afraid to comment!


Libby Krueger said...

You are right -- Macy's is delicious and we've tried many things on their menu. The biscuits and gravy are wonderfully delicious -- I think that they are a popular dish. I will definitely have to try a quiche and the granola with yogurt & fruit. I love their coffee -- they make it as you order it and its so fresh!!! BK makes delicious biscuits and gravy -- he learned from his Grandma. BK's gravy is definitely NOT vegan so there's a huge difference but the taste is delicious. We've had the quinoa & black bean burrito and hummus plate for dinner -- both were very good and we can recommend them if you're into hummus and/or quinoa.

Thanks for your thoughts on Macy's. Are you going to discuss La Bellavia?

Ashley Marie said...

BK and I had the Macy's burrito with the quinoa and black beans a month or so back. It was great! I might talk about La Bellavia. I don't go there very often, so it really never comes to mind when think of blog topics. But who knows, now that we have internet at home, I just may have to.

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