Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pulled Pork Results

At 10:30am I put the tenderloin in the crockpot. At that point in time, the cut of pork looked as every tenderloin should look while bathing in root beer with onion floaty toys. An hour later, I took a glance in the pot. To my surprise, the loin was now sitting in a clear liquid. The boiling had broken down the syrups in the root beer that give it its brown color. Another thing I noticed was a lack of root beer flavoring. I must admit, I am not the biggest root beer drinker. In fact I think the only time I drink root beer is if I am having a float and it has been quite some time since I even had one of those. So not being overwhelmed with the smell as soon as I lifted the lid, was a relief. The hint was still there, but it was a delicious blend of the pork, onions and garlic with the root beer. I never thought I would be one to say that pork and root beer compliment each other. 1:30pm was the unofficial halfway point of cooking. Man, I thought I was surprised when the syrups had boiled out of the root beer. Opening the lid this time around left me floored. I started out with 12in long 1 lb tenderloin. What was sitting in the pot looked like a chicken breast swollen with juices. I suspect that the carbonation and sugars from the root beer have a lot to do with it. The onions had reduced down even more by this point and the house smelled amazing! At 3:30pm I checked up on everything. Plus, it is hard to not peek when it smells so good. I flipped the loin just to make sure it wasn't burning on the bottom. As I grabbed it, a huge tender piece of pork fell off. I started shredding it. It was so easy to pull the pieces apart. So tender and so juicy!After an hour and a half of simmering , everything was ready. BK came home at about 4pm and wanted to eat dinner right then and there. Verdict: In the words of BK, "This pork is fan-fucking-tastic!"

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Berkeley said...

Yes, I do believe those were more or less my words. It was delicious and despite the delays, I am still looking forward to the LEFTOVERS!

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