Monday, May 24, 2010

Ohhh Shiii....

On my quest to starting a blog, many suggested that I document my day to day stories because they can be very entertaining. So Halley, here's one for you!

There is nothing like sitting in church getting ready to bow your head when someone shrieks. This loud call of surprise is even more alarming when you attend church with a fairly calm and lowkey congregation. No chanting and speaking in tongues here.

So there BK and I were getting ready to bow our heads as the prayer was said before taking communion when out of nowhere this usually meek and quiet young girl calls out "Oh Shhii..." just one consonant away from cursing as she threw all here papers up and away from her and jumped from the pew and to the back of the church in about 5 seconds. She hysterically apologized profusely and exited out into the lobby area. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the preacher get up, stomp something in the carpet and leave after her. Her sobbing continued to resonant throughout the church and overpowered the man leading the prayer.

I can only guess is that it was a spider or bug of that sort. I hoping that the hysterics and waterworks were due to a bruised ego or mounting stress and pressure of her upcoming nuptials and not just downright fear of bugs. I must say though that it was quite a comedic performance. Not because her getting scared was funny, but the rest of church was VERY serious. Part of me hopes that every Sunday there is some kind of mishap.

In other news, Tonight I am enjoying half of an Avocado BLT with Macy's delicious fake bacon. Oh man is it amazing!! I paired it with my standard iced soy Chai. A great start to the week!

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