Friday, May 21, 2010

Away We Go

I never thought I would be here, but alas, here I am! After much encouragement, urging and sometimes downright nagging, I have started a blog. Now I know some of you are looking for sordid details and drama. This won't be that kind of blog. I am planning on documenting my journey of cooking, cleaning and crafting to a happy life. Over the years I have found that love, humor and every now and then disappointment are big parts of creating a fulfilling life, so it is always necessary for an anecdote of the days happenings, which I know you all love!


Heather said...

Don't you sometimes wish you could just make a living off of cooking and being crafty? It would make life so much easier :)

Ashley Marie said...

You can... you just have to be willing to sell out and become a better version of Martha! Hahha. All joking aside, I do wish that in this day and age, I could afford to just be a stay at home wife and mother.

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