Wednesday, February 28, 2018

52 Recipes | No. 2 Slow Cooker Chicken Chickpea Curry

Hey everyone today I'm here with my second 52 recipes post. Today we are talking curry chickpeas and chicken or chicken curry with chickpeas. I don't quite remember what the original title of the recipe was. This came from the Woman's Day Slow Cooker Classics magazine that I got from my grandmother for Christmas. We've made this recipe a handful times already and we've done it a couple different ways. I'll talk about that below.

As mentioned above, the recipe was from a Woman's Day recipe edition. You can find the recipe online here. I serve it over jasmine rice instead of the plain white rice listed in the recipe.

So the first time we made this the only change the name made it was substituting almond milk for coconut milk. I am pretty allergic to most forms of coconut so anytime we make curries or Thai food we make that substitute. It's a little thinner but the flavor is very similar. The other ingredient change is using chili powder instead of cayenne because of the little palates in our house.

The second time we made this recipe, we used chicken that had been made in the crockpot separately when I made a big batch of bone broth. I sautéd the vegetables and spices. Then added in the almond milk and other fluids. Lastly, I added in the chicken and let it simmer for a little bit.

Results and Thoughts:
This recipe is definitely the jumping off point for a new family favorite. The toddler eats a large portion and Berkeley and I have seconds. Both ways we cook it are fairly quick and easy for such a flavorful and filling meal.

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