Thursday, December 18, 2014

December | Currently

celebrating the halfway point. 
basking in the amazingness that was seeing our little one via ultrasound yesterday.
looking at the printout of shots over and over again. 
loving that the baby was so content and relaxing with a hand behind the head just like Berkeley does.
waiting anxiously to go back to work.
sticking to the anti-inflammatory plan as best I can. 
embracing the the holidays full on this year.
resisting most of the holiday goodies.
enjoying dinner dates and outings with friends. 
spending most mornings in the glow of twinkle lights. 
ditching my loose end of the year reading plan
joining in with the Harry Potter Re-Read-Along.
working on the last details of my 2014 Project Life album.
struggling to get the best natural light for taking photos of the pages to share here.
making the best of the foggy weather and snowy days.
eating natural peanut butter (it tastes so much better!).
switching to maternity clothes. 
walking as much as I can.
taking up prenatal yoga.
appreciating this season and the coming months so much!

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