Thursday, August 14, 2014

Easy Breakfast Smoothies with Jamba at Home

Due to the unpredictable nature of fire season sometimes we eat dinner at right around 6pm, and other nights Berke isn't getting home until 9pm and dinner is an afterthought. I learned early on that my traditional breakfast routine didn't keep me satiated enough to combat late morning snacking. It also helps me make it to a later lunch when I know dinner is going to be later in the evening.

This is the third year I have been doing the breakfast smoothie thing. Like I mentioned before, this year I added Kale into the mix for some extra vitamins. Another thing I have been trying is the Jamba At Home Smoothies. While I love being able to mix whatever we have in the fridge into a smoothie, it is nice to have things pre made.
My favorites so far have been Mango a Go Go (on the left) and Razzmatazz (on the right). For each, I throw the whole bag in the blender, add the required apple juice and a stalk of kale and blend it up. Every now and then it will get a little thick so I add a splash of kefir to thin it out. While the flavors don't match exactly the flavors of the Jamba Juice smoothies, they are pretty good bases for your own flavor blends.

disclaimer: I was sent coupons from Influenster at the start of the summer for testing purposes. I was not asked or required to share this product. As always, all opinions are original and my own. 

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