Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Project Life 2013: End and Title Pages

Last year, right around August, I noticed that one album was not going to be enough to hold a full year of Project Life. I didn't anticipate needing a second album considering I had started my documentation in March. This year, I planned ahead, ordered both my albums in December and planned accordingly. 

While my 2012 documentation is not split evenly with 26 weeks in each album, I knew that is how I wanted to divide up 2013. This year The split came right the end of June and beginning of July. Leading up to the 30th, I had been already working on my title and end pages for the albums. My original plan included using a Design E pocket page and a full 12x12 image. I had even decided to end the week 26 spread with photos of us doing some car repairs together.

I had been working on my digital mock up for the week when we started hearing rumors of an accident on a fire that had been blowing up between Prescott and Phoenix. As the details unfolded and other things came up, I left my albums untouched for a few weeks. As the weeks passed, I actively avoided finishing weeks 26 - 28, much like I had avoided posting here. 

Then I overheard Berkeley talking to a friend and fellow Wildland Firefighter. Berkeley had been getting a few questions about whether he would be taking time off or needed to make use of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). He even got some flack for not going down to Prescott for the memorial. His reply was that life still goes on after a tragedy. There is still lightening, and wind, and therefore, there are still fires to fight. The best way to honor the fallen (and his friends) was to continue to fight what they gave their life for.
After hearing Berkeley say that, I knew exactly how to finish the album and move on to the second half of the year. The back of the right side of my week 26 spread is a single 12x12 image. The background is a photo from the Yarnell Hill Fire and the text is the names are of those that were lost. I had it printed from Persnickety Prints.
As I mentioned previously, I had started working on this page prior to week 26 and had most of the cards picked out to fit in with the general design of my title pages. Title card, the "K", a recap style card. our individual pictures, A and B, and this time I used a sunset photo instead of a sunrise. Except the woodgrain card with the "a" on it, all the filler cards came with the Becky Higgins/Elise Blaha Cripe Seafoam Core Kit. The woodgrain is from Amy Teets' Designs. 
One of the things that held me back from working on Project Life for those first few weeks was definitely a goal to not let our album become entirely about this tragedy. Berkeley was spot on with saying "Life goes on" and we had a lot going on in those weeks. Instead of making a long detailed and personal spread, I tucked all of the journaling onto some cards using washi tape into a folded 4x6.
The bottom right pocket was the last to be filled. It kept me stumped. I had a few options laid out and Berkeley walked by and suggested I cut down the 4x6 with the above sentiment. I find it so incredibly fitting. I finished it with the dates that this album will cover and called it done. 

Project Life supplies: Binders, plastics, and 3x4 gridded journaling cards via the Becky Higgins Amazon StorefrontSeafoam Project Life Kit. Zig Dual Tipped Pen BlackEK Success Metallic Writer Gold. StazOn Black Ink. Staples Date StampScotch Expressions Chevron Tape Paislee Press printables. Amy Teets' Designs Printable.

Project Life® is a memory keeping system creating by Becky Higgins. To see all my posts detailing how I use her system to document our life story click here.

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