Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer 2013: Bucket List Revisted

Last month I shared my Summer Bucket/Goals List. Today I am just doing update. Having it up here is keeping me accountable and giving me motivation to get it done!

Summer Goals:
  1. Visit my parents and siblings in California at least once.
  2. Take a camping trip.
  3. Hike the entire Elden Lookout Trail.
  4. Eat at 3 of the restaurants on the Flagstaff Bucket List. (1/3)
  5. Ride SkyRide at SnowBowl.
  6. Visit the creek as many times as possible.
  7. Finish 4+ titles from my reading challenge. (2/4)
  8. Try more 3+ mile hikes. (1/3)
  9. Visit Hallie and Ava at least once.
  10. Take more photos.
  11. Do a clean and purge.
  12. Put the wedding album together.
  13. Grow patio tomatoes. (currently flowering)
  14. Celebrate our 5 years!
  15. Play pool often.
  16. Make some great baby gifts for lots of pregnant friends.
  17. Host a BBQ!
  18. Finish the shop relaunch.
  19. Go fishin'
  20. Finish our bedroom gallery wall.
  21. Be better this season.
  22. Enjoy it.
italics = started or in progress bold = fulfilled at least once

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