Friday, May 17, 2013

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

I was hoping that I would be feeling better by now, but I really haven't. You'd think that laying around would be the perfect time to catch up on blogging, but it doesn't really work like that unfortunately. This coming weekend will be full of nothing but relaxing as far as I can tell. It will be nice, especially since Berkeley will get a 3 day weekend as the engine switches over from 5 day staffing to 7 day staffing and he'll start having Sunday and Monday off.

One thing I have been doing is reading! Since the beginning of the year, I have reread a few of my favorites from our bookshelf. At the beginning of April, I started The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters by Elisabeth Robinson for probably the third time. This time around, I started noticing nuances I had never noticed before and searched the web for commentary regarding the book.

That is when I stumbled upon The Rory Gilmore Reading List challenge. It is a list of the literary works referenced in the show Gilmore Girls. The original list featured 250 works and has grown to approximately 340! While it is a daunting task, I am thinking that I am going to tackle it. The list I will be using can be found here and my progress can be found here. On the upside, I have read 100 of the titles, and some of the others are works that I have never been and will never be interested in reading. By my calculations that leaves approximately 200 titles. If I keep up a pace of 2-3 books a month, I can get this list conquered in 5 to 10 years, if I read only books from this list. It is a crazy notion, but I think I am up for it!

Have you ever done a reading challenge? Or used a list to guide your reading choices? Am I crazy for trying this?

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