Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five: In My Bag

This week's Friday Five is a little different than previous. Instead of a wish list, I am sharing an "Already Have"list of sorts. Over the weekend someone commented on my collection of purses and the ease at which I change which bag I bring with me throughout the week. I must say first that I really don't have any fancy purses or bags, but they are varied in style, colors, and size. I can go from using a rather large bag to a small purse in a single day.

My secret to this is keeping a small collection of must haves in my bag. The following five-ish things are the things I want to have on me the most. Anything else, I can do without. In fact, the glitter wristlet wallet can carry my keys and a lip balm, as well as my phone and assortment of cards and cash. So sometimes I can go with just that. I did most of our Disneyland Honeymoon with just the wristlet. 

1. Planner 2. Gnarly Whale Lip Balm & NYC Gloss 3. Canon Powershot & Case 4. Wallet 5. Keys

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