Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Around Here: Passover week

The last few weeks have been pretty packed. Not every single day, but overall there has been a lot going. I love having a pretty busy social calendar. I love our new "routine". With Fire Season quickly approaching, I am keeping my fingers crossed we can keep some semblance of our current system in place.

Specifically, the past week or so has included coffee dates, beautiful weather, lots of food prep, fellowship with friends, a modified Seder, new clothes for both of us, awkward self photos, hiking, treasure hunting, Easter candy hoarding and eating, and amazing sunsets! Also, I spent a few days laid up with a weird mixture of symptoms (insert desire for Easter candy, chili cheese fries, and Pizza Pringles) that had us convinced I was pregnant. We are not. My body just likes to keep me on my toes. If I were pregnant, you probably would have found out a different way because my dad would have probably gotten a space version of a sky "writing" airplane so that the whole world knew he was going to be a grandpa. Now that I am more of myself, over the coming week I'll be sharing the recipes from our "Seder" this weekend. I hope everyone's Easter weekend was great, however you celebrate!

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