Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Currently: March

not so patiently awaiting my sister Sam's arrival at the end of April.
happy to have lots of ideas for the two of us.
wishing Fire Season did not start in a month.
finding myself wanting to get rid of everything we own and starting fresh.
incredibly grateful for all of Berkeley's hard work.
working like a crazy person to get the situation with our wedding photos worked out.
considering changing banking institutions as a result.
dreaming about the future.
planning to rearrange our whole apartment, especially the bedroom.
still bummed about the sequestration and the strain it will put on us financially.
taking chances and taking advantage of opportunities.
nursing an injured ankle as a result of said opportunities.
thrilled to have had a successful week with my friend's nieces.
praying for so many different things, people, and situations.
saying good-bye to the last of the wintery weather
knowing there is at least one spring snow storm that will sneak its way in.
re-watching Grey's Anatomy for the millionth time.
hand sewing new stuff for a shop relaunch.
wearing colored pants and different outfits more regularly.
savoring our Toddler Time Share days.
marveling over our tiny human friends and how much they teach us each week.
getting through Project Life much faster and more efficiently than last year. 
choosing light.

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Ashley Armstrong said...

Berkeley was emailed the region IA availability list and at the top was Santa Fe. I cringed for you. Berkeley will have a week of training and classes before his actual start date that he probably won't be paid for. This season is going to be interesting for sure.

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