Thursday, February 21, 2013

Currently... February

snuggled up while we go through our third day of snow. Despite this current snow, the mornings have been beautiful. 
loving Berkeley's work schedule. Four days on, Three days off.
thankful that his job is covering our finances while I figure out what I am doing. 
hating all of the outfits I try to put together for Copycat Linkup. My wardrobe is just not that hip I guess.
learning which items of clothing in my closet look best on me and together.
thrilled to be cleaning out a better portion of my closet as a result. 
happy we are getting back to a weekly meal plan for dinner.
ordering and printing photos and inserts for Project Life.
finishing the wedding and honeymoon pages for our 2012 albums and starting a wedding specific album for all the extra pictures.
secretly browsing houses for sale in the neighborhood on Zillow. 
entertaining the idea of babies sooner rather than later.
admitting that having a baby this year is not the best decision and that we should probably wait until next spring to start trying. 
hoping for two weeks of vacation in April.
wondering if my sister is going to visit as planned during those two weeks. 
working on a manageable workout plan.
welcoming spring with open arms.
trying to be patient with so many things.
praying that the next 7 weeks are great and go by so slowly. 
posting this quite late because I forgot to hit publish earlier. 

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