Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Postino East

After reading reviews and browsing websites, we picked Postino East in Gilbert as the place to have a get together brunch with our wedding party. We were looking for somewhere fun and hip, but also somewhere that was able to accommodate 10 to 12 of us, while still being relatively affordable. Postino East delivered!

We were wowed by this place before we even arrived. The accurate menu is avaiable on their website as well as their current prices. It made it easy for us to tell everyone the type of food avaiable and an average price. Our reservation was scheduled for 11am. It was perfect time for either Brunch or Lunch. As I normally do, I had a small list of options that I wanted to try. Although people raved about the bruschetta, I went with the Grilled Foccacia. I was really in a brunch mood.

The delicious, thick cut slices of crusty foccacia were buttered and served with two over easy eggs, asparagus, and a fresh tomato salad. AMAZING! Normally, I am reluctant on "gooey eggs" but they weren't too greasy and the yolk wasn't cold like I have experienced at any number of places. The foccacia was not overly buttered and had a great dryness. Paired with the over easy eggs everything was great. They were a perfect pair. The asparagus was not over done and had a nice bite. Lastly, the tomatoes had a great lightness and lifted the whole dish.

We were at a long table and I really didn't get a picture of what everyone else got, but they all seemed quite content with they ordered. We all either got a mimosa, beers, or wine with our food. And still the bill was quite affordable. In fact, brunch for 8 people, including drinks was well under $150 total including the tip!

Postino East itself is located in the heart of downtown Gilbert next to Liberty Market, Joe's Real BBQ and Oregano's. There was a great mix of indoor and outdoor seating that flowed seamlessly as there are multiple large garage style doors that open to the patio space. It was beautiful and fun place to enjoy a meal.

Several reviews mentioned limited parking and having to wait HOURS to be seated. Being in a "Downtown" style area, you should know there is going to be limited parking. This isn't some national chain or cheap location where you get a perfectly paved and laid out parking lot. We live in Flagstaff and have extensve experience with public parking that is much further away from our destination than this was. We really had no problem walking a few blocks to the entrance from the several public parking areas in the surrounding area. Really, get over yourselves people! We had a reservation so I could not comment on wait times, but we were the only ones in the waiting area when we arrived on a bustling Saturday morning, so the wait could not have been that bad.

Lastly, despite the popularity and amount of people there, we still had great service. Our server Autumn was relatively on top of it all without being intrusive or bothersome. She let us enjoy the company and the food while still being available for us. I look forward to eating here again. The food was great, the service was great, and overall, I had nothing to complain about!

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