Monday, August 6, 2012

Cuvee 928

I was invited to a Ladies' Night Out with some of the women from the church we attend. I really like filling up my social calendar while Berkeley is on an assignment. It always takes the edge off the loneliness and worry. This time we went to Cuvee 928 located in Heritage Square in Downtown Flagstaff. Also, this is one of the places on my Flagstaff Bucket List!

I started with an appetizer from their Happy Hour menu. Baked mushrooms with a Farmer's Cheese, Truffle Oil and grilled bread. SO GOOD! I must say I was apprehensive at first. Most Farmer's Cheese I have had has been from goat milk. I am not the biggest fan of goat cheeses. But everything came together wonderfully!

For my entree, I chose the Mac and Cheese of the day. This one had cauliflower and green chilies. Another win in my book! Not too cheesy, not too plain, and definitely not soggy. One of my markers for a good dish is whether or not I feel the need to add additional salt and pepper. The seasoning was just right here. If I would change anything about it, I would add more green chilies, but only because I love them. It had great balance though!

I finished the night off with the Wine Sorbet. This was a Pomegranate Blackberry. This was a true sorbet not to be confused with sherbet. The flavor was outstanding! The Pomegranate and Blackberry flavors were lightened and lifted with mint that was added in as well. To date it was the best dessert I have ever had!

It is worth noting that others that came out were not happy with their food. They both ordered an Asian Citrus Salad. They both said it was flat and was lacking something. As for me, everything I ordered was great and tasted great.

For a Friday night, it was a good call to have our reservation as they were quite busy. The service was okay, nothing spectacular. Our server was able to handle the large group rather well, but she was not entirely on top of it all. All in all, another wonderful place to eat checked off the list!

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