Sunday, July 29, 2012

Around Here in July

Wow! I cannot believe this month has passed already. It seems like it was just last week that I was pulling together the post for June. A lot of different things have been going on. I took more pictures with my phone this month than I did with the camera.

This month I have been playing with my new MacBook. We have been navigating our way through the new functions and features as compared to Berkeley's old MacBook from 2007.

Lots of Sunday nights out. Love having some time to be social with Berkeley.

Monsoon season is in full effect!

A few Killer Wail shows this month. They are slowly winding down as Fire Season gets more active.

Letting my hair get a little wild!

Nights downtown means lots of train activity. I just so happened to catch this one as it was approaching. The picture was much more clearer than I expected.

Went down to Phoenix for a day. There was an accident as I was heading back to Flagstaff. I got 10 miles north of Phoenix only to stopped for nearly 2 hours. For a little while we were moving slowly, roughly 4 mph. But for a better portion of the time my car was sitting in park of a section of Interstate 17 that has a speed limit of 75mph.

Ladies Night Out! Treated myself to a fancy drink. It was pretty good!

Lastly, a look of Berkeley's sleeping arrangements in Montana. Sleeping on a mattress in a bunkhouse. Not the greatest, but better than spiked out on the fire lines or in the rain at base camp.

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