Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why I Changed my Twitter Account

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have noticed a small change last week.This little change sparked some bewilderment and plenty of questions. I figured I would give you all a little explanation and with it comes brief history of my time on the internet.

Lately I have been thinking about the fact that I have so many online aliases. I started out in internet-land with a single username, AshleyArm, with AOL that was linked to my grandparents' account. Somewhere along the line the password was, more people offered options other than AOL Dialup and that address was lost.

As a teenager, I went through a slough of different usernames and settled on Spunkymxr914 after someone referred me as a "Spunky little spitfire of a girl". From there everything was connected to this email address and all my aliases followed suit. Fast forward a few years, and I entered the college world, and most of my internet dealings were done through my college email account. That was until classes started requiring students to make dumb little webpages as class assignments. I created a gmail account to be able make a free Google sites page. (screen cap -->)

As Google expanded all that it had to offer and I slowly entered the blog reading and blog authoring world, I started to stick with my AshleyMarie914 alias. Now that I am networking with more people over the internet on a personal level and attending workshops, oh and not to mention becoming an adult and entering adult career world, I figured it was time to update and merge all of my many aliases throughout the internet to one unified identity.

As part of this unified consolidation of internet aliases I changed my twitter username. Instead of being @Spunkyash, the new twitter is @Ashley_AMAK. You would not believe how long it took me to set up a new username! Every variation of my name, and my gmail account name were all taken. So I settled with adding AMAK to end of my first name. And for those that are wondering AMAK will be my new initials after the wedding! So there it is, one step closer to creating a unified and more grown up internet and public identity.

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